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QP Bistro


Challenge & Solution

This is one of my favourite projects. It was extremely challenging, but yet also one of the most rewarding and satisfying feelings.

This project started with a long term advertising agency client, looking for high end photography marketing material for one of their clients in Barbados. It took over 8 months of planning from the first email to the actual shoot day.

QB Bistro was a new Michelin Star restaurant opening along the pristine West Coast Barbados. I was thrilled when I first learned about the project when it was still in the construction stage. Although we have photographed hotels and resorts previously, this would be our first Michelin Star project!

Due to the pandemic and the project being over sea, it was nearly impossible to establish a firm timeline. The project was actually put on hold indefinitely at one point. Until I was down in Barbados for another assignment, I decided to reach out to my client just to catch up over coffee. In our conversation, he mentioned there is still potential with the project, however with my short stay and many other logistical challenges he had in mind, it may not be possible.

One of the challenges was time. Because the restaurant is open for business 7 days a week. It is not possible to shut it down just for photography. Second challenge would be capturing the majestic west coast sunset. This is a must being an ocean front restaurant. However, sunset is during their dinner service.

Because of the time constraint, I proposed to start the shoot before dawn before the restaurant is open for business and use the sunrise as the twilight sunset. My proposal became a valid solution to what seemed impossible

However, a concern my client still had was how is there enough time to complete the shot list before the restaurant opens for lunch? I solved this by creating and breaking down the shot list, carefully calculated time needed to each category with a buffer, prioritized and itemized the shot list, created a realistic timeline, scheduled crew and everything in between. In order to pull this off, I needed a crew that I can depend on. Luckily, my trusted assistant Neal Hope was on the island. He was also able to bring on one of his friend to help with the production. I briefed them and everyone understood their assignment. Everyone arrived at 5:45am, quickly covered their tasks and got ready before the sunrise. The crew ran like a well oiled machine.

At the end, a crew of 3 was able to pull off what seemed impossible. We were able to complete the entire shoot with 30 minutes to spare before the restaurant was open!

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